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MANGO PRINT STORE: How It Works create and sell digital download print files in JPG format, just like your camera, ready to print at home or with any professional print shop of your choice.

We don't sell physical prints of the images, and by giving you the digital copy you get instant access, ready to use however you like, as many times as you like, whatever size you like, with whatever frame you like!

Simply browse our gallery and select your wall art, click the Buy Now button and once your payment has been made your artwork will be available to download to your computer, ready to use.

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Print and frame ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes can I print?

Every image can be printed at anywhere from 4x6" (10 x 15cm) up to 24x36" (60 x 90cm) for 2:3 ratio rectangle format images, or anywhere from 4x4" (10 x 10cm) up to 24x24" (60 x 60cm) for square format images.

How will I receive my digital download?

After your payment has been processed, your image file will be immediately available to download directly to your computer. 

If you purchase multiple images, a ZIP file may be created to reduce the total file size, and you'll be able to download that immediately to your computer. 

A ZIP file is just a type of file that bundles files together and compresses them down for easier download size, which you then 'unzip' by right clicking on it in your computer and selecting "Extract All", then select a folder where you want to store your images. 

How can I print and frame my digital images?

For smaller size prints - 4x6" (10 x 15cm) up to 8x12" (20 x 30cm) we recommend using your home or office printer (if you have one), using photo paper. Gloss or Matt photo paper will give you an excellent result, and there are plenty of high street stores that sell beautiful frames at a reasonable price. 

There are many high street stores that offer photo print services, and plenty of stores that sell lovely photo frames. 

Print service suggestions:

In the U.S - Staples, Walmart, Target, Costco. 

In Canada - Staples, Walmart, Costco.

In the U.K - Boots, Tesco, Snappy Snaps.

In Australia - OfficeWorks, Target, Kmart, Paxtons.

Can I use the images for commercial purposes?

All of the work on MangoPrints is for your personal use only, and should not be used for commercial purposes or free distribution. Online and personal sharing of these files is strictly prohibited. 

Do I get copyright of the images I buy?

Copyright is always retained by Mango Prints. When you purchase an image you are buying the right to make prints for your personal use. 

What is your return/refund policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital products, we are unable to offer returns / refunds once payment has been processed. 

What if the images don't print as they appear on screen?

Images displayed on computer and smartphone screens may appear slightly differently when printed out. 

A screen is backlit, so whites and bright areas appear bright and crisp. When a photo is printed on Matte paper, the whites,  blacks and colors are a bit more muted, less crisp. It still looks great, it just looks a little different to a glossy photo paper print.

Glossy photo paper will print the blacks and whites with more 'depth', and the colors will be more vibrant.

We strongly suggest you get a small test copy of the image printed before you order a large print, that way, the print shop can make any little adjustments to brightness and colour saturation before processing the final image. 

This is a completely normal process when getting images printed from digital files and any print shop will be able to help.

If you have any issues at all please contact us and we'll problem solve!

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